Three quick thoughts (25 SEPT 2005)

1. Bumper stickers are inherently fascist.

2. Althusser argued that ideology interpellates compulsorily. Structuralists like Judith Williamson ran with this and argued that advertisements—as one form of ideology—interpellate compulsorily. This is also the case with things like music. In fact, if Althusser got anything right, it is that interpellation constitutes an unresolved ethical problem facing anyone who gets out of bed in the morning.

3. I just listened again to Ashkenazy’s recording of the Prokofiev concerti with Previn and the LSO. Although the percussiveness of Prokofiev’s music is about the only thing well-suited to Ashkenazy’s otherwise heavy hands, both he and Previn are too Romantic to pull off the jagged edges of Prokofiev’s modernism. Or is the fault with Prokofiev?