À la Nabakov (8 OCT 2005)

1. I had wanted to write a piece along the lines of ‘the author is always a fiction’. I realized today that it’s rather unnecessary—it’s something we should know anyway from reading Homer, Lao Tzu, or any number of other fictitious authors.

2. If there is a salient difference between Danielewski and Nabakov, it is simply that Danielewski makes Nabakov speak to Nietzsche—and the result is terrifying. I once said that Danielewski “borrowed” Nabakov; I think this was the right word to use—the two are colla voce.

3. Kinbote thinks he can write himself into existence by inserting himself into a work of art a la commentator/interpreter. Do we not all think the same thing? (Actually, Danielewski’s editor is much more amateur and, therefore, much more apropos.)

4. The pale fire is, really, memory itself. We exist only in/as memory. There is nothing moral or even beautiful about it—these categories simply do not apply.